Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What’s the oddest thing you’ve found in a hamper?

A Christmas hamper and its contents

Happy New Year to you all! May 2013 bring us abundant blessings and unending happiness.

How many hampers have you received so far? And how interesting are the contents?

As a journalist working for a national newspaper many years ago, I recall receiving some odd hampers, like one containing no more than four packets of 'gari ijebu' (cassava flakes) and two-piece 'adire' (tie and die) pyjamas!

I’m not exaggerating. Those were just the two items in the hampers; in addition to a Christmas card, of course. And I loved it, for its novelty.

The 'gari' was factory-processed for export, and was really enjoyable.

The ‘hamper’ was given to me by a professional ‘uncle’, an ijebu man, who was, and still is very passionate about products made by his people. I still have the pyjamas till today.

Beyond unique concepts and themes in hamper-giving, as far as mainstream hampers go, I have come across some real unusual items such as a bottle of Izal, bottles of bleach and, wait for this, toilet cleaners; ewwww!

No strict rules about what can go into a hamper, I guess, but certain items simply don’t blend with the Christmas spirit. It’s better to stick with the concept of food and treats and forget, for the moment, about how people deal with the aftermath of gorging themselves!

Let’s share. What’s the oddest thing you have come across in a hamper?


Titilayo said...

Lol! Mine was a comb. I thought it was strange to be in the basket.

Anonymous said...

Expired cornbeef. I still chop am, sha.

Anonymous said...

Tooth brush. Meanwhile no single wine. Naija hamper makers dey try.

Generalissimo said...

Transistor radio, as if I'm aboki.

Anonymous said...

I've also seen Harpic in many hampers for sale at Apongbon. I think it's gross to have that with all the food and stuff.

Cool Diva said...

I'm yet to get any, toilet cleaner or not. Sob. sob

Anonymous said...

Live cockroach! Not sure if it crawled inside in my car boot or in the supplier's store. It freaked my wife out.

Tina said...

There was a big blender in a hamper given to my dad in his office years ago. He and my mum thought it was great, but I kind of thought it was an overkill. I schooled and lived in the UK for years. I think it's only in Nigeria that people throw home appliances in a Xmas hamper.