Friday, October 24, 2014

Oworonsoki bus stop robbers get bolder

The boys who rob at Oworo on the Third Mainland Bridge every morning and evening have graduated to smashing motorists' windows.

Before now, they were considerate and would simply tell you what they could do and command you to wind down before robbing you. On September 25, 2014, I witnessed a lady in Rav4 being robbed. There were two scruffy boys. They were leaning on the car stuck in traffic. They shouted on the lady and her driver to wind down.

I was directly behind them, but couldn't see if they were holding a gun. The driver wound down and they collected the lady's hand bag and walked away. A few cars behind us, they attacked another motorist. But they never smashed windows.

 Today, they have become bolder. They smash in your window and proceed to rob. A colleague's friend was hurt when his window was smashed at the same location on Wednesday morning about 5:30am.

When will the police act on those bad boys at Oworo? Or is it when they graduate to killing hapless people going to their offices?