Monday, December 16, 2013

We need a decisive leader

A leader who makes things happen is one, who after dipping a morsel of eba inside a bowl of rich egusi soup automatically knows where he should put it without first consulting a committee.- Isaac Newton

Good morning all.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

These FBN and Access accounts are being used for fraud

At 8:40 this morning, a con artist who hijacked the Facebook page of an old senior colleague contacted me to try his luck. I played along and got him to forward account numbers into which I was to send the money he requested.

It is possible that the account owners are not in on the fraud. In that case, if you know the owners of the accounts, alert them to the fact that their accounts are being used for fraud. They are a few steps away from EFCC cell’s tenancy.
And if you have a friend who routinely gets people to send money into your account, defriend him immediately. The commission he gives you will not be enough for the trouble you will land into when the law comes calling.

Our conversation is presented below, with the initials of my friend whose account was hijacked.

08:40 JBA


08:55 Me  

Hello Sir

08:57 JBA

how are you

10:13 Me

I am ok. And you?

10:13 JBA

am good as well

10:15 Me

Long time. Where are u now?

10:16 JBA

i am presently in benin republic

10:18 Me

What's happening there?

10:18 JBA

on a visit. but i will be back by friday

10:19 Me

Ok. Enjoy urself while there o!

10:20 JBA

thank you

please i need some help from you

10:27 Me

Ok. What's up?

10:28 JBA

please i want to make an urgent payment to someone can you help me make the payment i will refund it back to you when i return on friday

10:40 Me

That's tough. Anyway, how much are we looking at?

10:42 JBA


10:43 Me

Ok. How should I send it and who is this person?

10:47 JBA

adams edith  3068708518 first bank

10:50 Me

Okay. But it has to be later. I am in the office now. It will take some time to get out. Will let u know when I've done it. Cheers

10:50 JBA

okay thank you

10:52 Me

Alternatively, I could use online transfer on my mobile app. What branch is this account

10:53 JBA


which bank do you bank with

10:54 Me

Access, Marina

10:57 JBA

okay let me see if he has someone with access bank

11:00 Me


11:10 JBA

0007753116 benjamin ashibuogwu access bank

are you there?

11:15 Me

Sorry. Was attending to something. Okay, I have it. Will try to use this one for easier transaction

11:15 JBA


let me know when it has been done

11:16 Me


11:43 JBA

are you still on it

11:45 Me

Pls be patient.  Attending to smth first.  Will buzz when I do

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Shutting down GSM service is not helping war on terror

Nigerians woke up this morning to the sad news of terrorists hitting several military bases in Maiduguri. Number of casualties is not yet known.

It must be clear to the authorities by now that shutting down communication to fight Boko Haram is not as smart as they originally thought it was. Shutting down GSM services is a double edged sword, which cuts both ways; and from the incident of yesterday it is clear that it is cutting the society more than it is cutting the insurgents.

How can you explain over 400 terrorists invading a city for 6 hours and everywhere they got to, they still had the element of surprise in their favour? This is a city where at least one person in every household must have a phone.

Terrorists overran a military formation and headed for the next target and then the next, and all of them were taken unawares?!!!

This is the sort of thing you would expect in the day and age when NITEL held sway and only your traditional ruler and a handful of rich men had phones, not in 2013.

Where there is efficient communication, the element of surprise is lost the moment the first target is hit. In a few minutes, everyone else knows what is going, and those who want to run can run while the security forces can get prepared.

 I hope the authorities will draw useful lessons from this horrible incident and restore GSM services immediately.

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