Monday, May 19, 2014

Beware, these activities could cost you your life!

Considering the prevailing situation of our country today, these activities are perilous and should be avoided in your own interest:

1.      Allowing your aged mother or grand mum to carry your newborn baby home unaccompanied

2.      Offering to help children not your own to cross a busy street (Sad, indeed)

3.      Offering sweet or biscuits to kids not your own (It’s bad manners to do this, anyway)

4.      Mentioning children in a phone conversation near a school (This is incredible but true. See Punch of today (Metro page)

5.      Carrying empty Ghana-must-go bags around (No kidding. It’s true. A chap was beaten blue and black in Lagos over the weekend. See Punch of today)

6.      Allowing your mentally challenged relatives to roam the street. (This is never good, anyway)

7.      Walking the streets in dirty clothes (Road side mechanics who take public transport in their work clothes had better change)

8.     Calling in an underaged hawker into your home. (A man was nearly killed for this too)
If you know any other not included, feel free to add.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A month after, Chibok villagers are still sitting ducks

To the people of Chibok, government is practically non-existent. 

No tarred road. No security. No light. People flocked to the stall of a commercial phone-charger at the market to charge their phones.

A CNN team found security checkpoints all over Maiduguri, the state capital. However for the 45 minutes’ drive from Damboa to Chibok, there was none, according to Nima Elbagir-led CNN.

‘It was a very scary moment. And at the same time I kept thinking, "how is it possible that there is no single security check point towards this village? Not even one?", she wrote.

Chibok villagers are sitting ducks for another attack if they wait for government.

At night, while the women sleep, the men take cutlasses, bows, arrows and dane guns and patrol the streets.

Should anything bad happen again (God forbid), govt officials and their wives will be all over the TV shedding crocodile tears. 

There is God o!

Grand mother mistaken for kidnapper

What manner of people are we breeding in this country? What manner of a country is this where a grand mum is not free to carry her daughter’s baby home from the hospital? What has happened to our respect for the aged? Why are people so animalistic and bloodthirsty that they won’t even spare the aged and the newborn from their depravity? 

I just read in the Punch the story of the poor woman who was taking her daughter’s newly-born baby home in Lagos when she was accosted by a mob who argued that she was too old to have a new born? Her explanations fell on deaf ears and they descended on her, beating and tearing her clothes.

The old woman held on to her grandchild and protected it as much as she could, but by the time the police rescued them, the poor baby was already bleeding!
Even if the woman was a kidnapper, does it make sense to beat the kidnapper together with the baby?

If you take part in mob justice, you may have attracted generational curses for your generations yet unborn. The blood of the innocent you shed in the belief that you are enforcing justice will cry to God for revenge.

Right now, I feel terrible for that poor old woman and her innocent grand-child.