Friday, January 30, 2015

Brooms appear on top of Agbaje's posters

 Politicians get time, sha. Did you guys notice that a broom has emerged overnight on top of every Jimi Agbaje poster on the median of the 22km long 3rd Mainland Bridge? Yeah, that's right. Every single one of them. When you think you have found one without a broom, just look below, you will find that the broom fell...

JK isn't gonna be OK with that, I'm sure!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Filling station trick busted!

Ever had this experience? 

You drive into a filling station. You tell the attendant, how much you want to buy. He begins to sell and then stops at a figure, say N1000 and returns the nozzle to the pump. You then tell him, “I said N5000.” He says “Sorry, I thought you said N1000.”

You shrug. He removes the pump again from the pump, and the display is wiped off. He now proceeds to sell to you the outstanding balance.

It doesn’t matter how loudly you shout the amount you want to buy the first time, they still do it. I had always wondered why they do that nonsense until last Tuesday at Mobil by Otedola Bridge on the Lagos Ibadan Exp Way. 

I told the gentleman to fill the tank. He put the nozzle into my car's fuel tank and stopped at N1000 and returned the nozzle to the pump. I was annoyed and it was obvious. I told him I wasn’t buying again. He panicked and told me to relax and that he hadn’t sold anything. He now proceeded to sell me exactly  the amount I wanted. 

In essence, the N1000 that first appeared on the display was phony. He panicked because he thought if I decided to leave at that point when all he had sold to me was hot air, I would have noticed once I looked at my fuel gauge. And he thought it was better to confess and have me quietly leave.

Apparently, when they want to play this trick, they have a way of getting the pump to read to a predetermined figure without selling anything. When you protest that that is not the amount you want to buy, they now proceed to sell the balance to you properly. In essence, you have been shortchanged by the amount they pretend to have first sold to you.

So guys watch out!