Friday, August 31, 2012

Heidi: Bodyguard takes over from Seal

Heidi Klum and her bodyguard working out

It has been seven months since Heidi Klum announced her split from husband Seal and the supermodel has appeared to be making the most of single life ever since.

However it seems that her days of being a free agent may already be behind her once again.

The 39-year-old was seen cavorting around with a man believed to be her bodyguard during a sun-soaked holiday in Sardinia, Italy.

Alone time: Heidi and bodyguard at the beach in Sardinia, Italy

She was seen going topless and reclining on a sunlounger with the man in question at a swimming pool, looking loved up.


The pair then showed they have developed a close relationship as Heidi massaged suncream into her tattooed companion’s shoulders while they took a dip and later floated around on a lilo.

It would appear that things are getting serious between the two – which is hardly a surprise seeing as they already knew each other so well.


Youngsters Johan, five, Leni, eight, and Henry, six, were all on hand for the trip with their famous mother, and were seen playing on the beach together during a day out - while two-year-old Lou was spotted in Erna's arms later.


The bodyguard, who has worked for Heidi since she was still happily married to Seal, seemed to be getting on well with the children as they larked around together on the sand before he gave Heidi a tender hug.

However even during the family day out it seems the two couldn’t get enough of each other.

They took some time out to go and perch on a rock for a private chat and were very hands on with one another.

She is not the only one to have moved on since the split and her Kiss From A Rose singer ex also has a new partner in his life.

Last month the 49-year-old was seen cosying up to a pretty bikini clad brunette on a yacht – also in Sardinia.
Seal and Heidi announced their split in January after seven years of marriage and filed for divorce three months later.

While their split was initially amicable, it seems things may have turned sour for the pair in the divorce.

A source told Star magazine that the supermodel is fuming at her former flame after he reportedly used intimate shots of the children in an ad campaign without her permission.

An insider told the publication via Radar Online: ‘Heidi felt that the children had gone through enough since their parents split, and she didn’t want their private moments out there for the world to see.

‘But Seal maintained he had every right to use his personal photos — and, moreover, that it was a done deal and out of his hands.”

The model allegedly hired a lawyer to demand that the company, Leica digital, take down the video – and it was retraced days later.- Daily Mail

Heidi, her bodyguard and one of her sons

Couldn't keep their hands off each other

Affectionate duty


'Drink Less, Work More', world’s richest woman tells non-rich

Gina Rinehart
 Gina RinehartNow, the Australian mining heiress, worth $19 billion and earlier this year thought to be the world's richest woman, has sparked another controversy in her latest column in Australian Resources and Investment magazine. Rinehart rails against class warfare and says the non-rich should stop attacking the rich and go to work.

"There is no monopoly on becoming a millionaire," she writes. "If you're jealous of those with more money, don't just sit there and complain. Do something to make more money yourself - spend less time drinking, or smoking and socializing and more time working."

The comments were part of a treatise on what she sees as Australia's decline due to high taxes, high wages and over-regulation. Rinehart said taxes should fall, red tape should be cut, environmental rules relaxed and the minimum wage should be lowered. (It's currently AUS $15.06 an hour or $606 a week, about the same in U.S. dollars). (Read more: Millionaire Parents Say Kids Aren't Fit to Inherit)

Her quotes are sure to escalate the already heated debate in the United States, Britain and Europe over class warfare, taxing the wealthy and "fair shares."

Rinehart's remarks drew immediate fire from senior Australian ministers. Treasurer Wayne Swan said in a statement that Rinehart had delivered "an insult to the millions of Australian workers who go to work and slog it out to feed the kids and pay the bills."

But Rinehart warned that when governments target the rich, they really hurt the middle and lower classes.

"The terrible millionaires and billionaires can often invest in other countries. And if they do suffer, what does that really mean? Maybe their teenagers don't get the cars they wanted or a better beach house or maybe the holiday to Europe is cut short; But otherwise life goes on for these millionaires and billionaires."

Those who really suffer from anti-business and anti-investor policies are regular workers who "usually vote for the anti-business socialist parties," she writes. "If you want to help the poor and our next generation, make investment, reinvenstment and businesses welcome."

She also tells the stories of her two grandfathers and three of her wealthy friends, who all started at the bottom and worked their way to the top. One grandfather, James Nicholas, started cleaning stables and launched a transportation company. Another granddad built a sheep station with 25,000 sheep.

Her pal Michael Kailis came from a poor Greek immigrant family and became Australia's crawfish king. Friend Jack Cowin borrowed from friends to found the Hungry Jack burger chain, and is now the country's "king of fries." 

"The lessons are the same," she writes. "You can't get rich without working hard, taking risks, investing and reinvesting your profits."

Of course, as Rinehart knows, you can also become very rich from inheriting and expanding your father's company.- CNBC

Thursday, August 30, 2012

'Osama Bin Laden was unarmed and dying when Navy SEALs burst into bedroom'

SEALS. Matt Bissonnette is the officer with the blurred face

A firsthand account of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden contradicts previous accounts by administration officials, raising questions as to whether the terror mastermind presented a clear threat when SEALs first fired upon him.

House where Osama was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan
Bin Laden apparently was hit in the head when he looked out of his bedroom door into the top-floor hallway of his compound as SEALs rushed up a narrow stairwell in his direction, according to former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette, writing under the pseudonym Mark Owen in 'No Easy Day.' The book is to be published next week by Penguin Group (USA)’s Dutton imprint.

 Bissonnette says he was directly behind a 'point man' going up the stairs in the pitch black hallway. 'Less than five steps' from top of the stairs, he heard 'suppressed' gunfire: 'BOP. BOP.' The point man had seen a 'man peeking out of the door' on the right side of the hallway.

 The author writes that bin Laden ducked back into his bedroom and the SEALs followed, only to find the terrorist crumpled on the floor in a pool of blood with a hole visible on the right side of his head and two women wailing over his body.

 Bissonnette says the point man pulled the two women out of the way and shoved them into a corner and he and the other SEALs trained their guns’ laser sites on bin Laden’s still-twitching body, shooting him several times until he lay motionless.

The SEALs later found two weapons stored by the doorway, untouched, the author said.

In the account related by administration officials after the raid in Pakistan, the SEALs shot bin Laden only after he ducked back into the bedroom because they assumed he might be reaching for a weapon.


It took approximately 15 minutes to find -- and kill -- Osama bin Laden in his Abottabad compound.

Involved in the mission in the early morning hours of May 2, 2011 were 79 commandos that arrived in off in military helicopters from Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

The first helicopter foundered above Bin Laden’s compound and crash-landed in the outer courtyard.

The other helicopter landed outside the house.

The SEAL team forced their way into the compound by blowing the door with explosives.

The commandos shot three men and a woman -- whom U.S. officials said had lunged at them -- as they went up floor-by floor.

 On the third level, three of the Navy SEALs saw bin Laden standing at the end of a hallway as they reached the top of the steps.

Two women in the room took positions in front of the terror leader to protect him.

One of the soldiers grabbed the women and shoved them away while one of the SEALs behind him fired at bin Laden.

The al-Qaeda boss was shot once in the chest and once in the head.
Code-word ‘Geronimo’ is sounded to White House Situation Room, a signal that their target is dead.

 The SEALs then photograph the body for identification.

 On their way out of the compound, the soldiers blow up the broken-down chopper.

The teams fly back to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden’s body was then flown to a waiting naval ship, that buried at sea.

White House spokesman Tommy Vietor would not comment on the apparent contradiction late Tuesday. But he said in an email, 'As President Obama said on the night that justice was brought to Osama bin Laden, "We give thanks for the men who carried out this operation, for they exemplify the professionalism, patriotism and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country."'

'No Easy Day' was due out September 11, but Dutton announced the book would be available a week early, September 4, because of a surge of orders due to advance publicity that drove the book to the top of the and Barnes & best-seller lists. 

In another possibly uncomfortable revelation for U.S. officials who say bin Laden’s body was treated with dignity before being given a full Muslim burial at sea, the author reveals that in the cramped helicopter flight out of the compound, one of the SEALs called 'Walt' -- one of the pseudonyms the author used for his fellow SEALs -- was sitting on bin Laden’s chest as the body lay at the author’s feet in the middle of the cabin, for the short flight to a refueling stop inside Pakistan where a third helicopter was waiting.

This is common practice, as troops sometimes must sit on their own war dead in packed helicopters. Space was cramped because one of the helicopters had crashed in the initial assault, leaving little space for the roughly two dozen commandos in the two aircraft that remained. When the commandos reached the third aircraft, bin Laden’s body was moved to it. -Dailymail

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I’m not a murderer- Pharmacist who sold drugs to Cynthia’s killers

Facing murder rap: Chukwunonso Maduakor.


A support base is building for a pharmacy student, Chukwunonso Maduakor, who was arraigned with the killers of Cynthia Osokogu. His schoolmates at Igbinedion University and others who know him are attesting to it that he knew nothing of the plot to kill Cynthia.

It would seem that the only connection to the crime was that he sold the drug that the killers used on the hapless victim, Cynthia. From the account purportedly rendered by Nonso, it would also seem that the police through a sting operation tested the claim of the suspected killers of Cynthia that they bought the drug they used from Oxfam in FESTAC, without any doctor’s prescription.

The account purportedly obtained from Nonso in police custody by one of his friends who did not use his proper name goes thus: "I just started my pharmacy internship at 'Oxpharm', a pharmacy in Festac about two months ago. Last week Monday (20/08/12), I was doing my job when a middle aged man walked into the pharmacy and made complaints of persistent generalized body pains and difficulty with sleeping as a result of an accident he had some weeks back. The individual then specifically requested for the drug Rohypnol® (Flunitrazepam). I then asked for the Doctors prescription. The individual said he had none but begged that he really needs the drug to help his condition because all others did not give him relief. I still refused but after much begging and after profiling the individual as one who was not at risk to addiction to the drug, I sold the individual 1 satchet of drug and counselled him to see a doctor. After which I recorded the purchase of the drug in the Pharmacy's register.

“About 3-5 minutes after the individual left the pharmacy, hefty men numbering up to five in mufti who did not identify themselves stormed into the pharmacy and pounced on me (Nonso), rough-handled me and took me to Festac police station.".....Nonso.


CCTV cuts crime in South Africa

BIG BROTHER: The Johannesburg CBD CCTV crime-monitoring operation centre in Rissik Street with 237 cameras monitoring all the streets in the CBD. Photo: Tsheko Kabasia

As Nigeria grapples with increasing insecurity, authorities may take a cue from South Africa, which has passed through (and is still passing through?) fire and brimstones in the hands of criminals.
South Africa is beginning to count the gains of its investment in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system as a way of fighting crime. Reports say the system has helped the rainbow country to rein in spiralling crime in the country in recent times. South Africa which many people across the world regard as the rape capital of the world, has hit international headlines for some of the horrendous crime stories in the last few years.

Efforts of the authorities to curb crime include installation of CCTV cameras in strategic locations across the country. The City of Johannesburg has 237 CCTV cameras installed to monitor crime in the city centre and surrounding areas.

This is apart from private efforts by organisations and individuals.  The City of Johannesburg's Metro Trading Company, which is responsible for administration of taxi ranks (motor parks) in the city, has its own CCTV system installed in some popular taxi ranks such as Noord and Bree Street taxi ranks in central Johannesburg and at Chris-Hani Baragwanath taxi rank in Soweto.

MTC has 38 CCTV cameras at Noord Street and 86 at Bree Street.

The country’s prominent newspaper, Sowetan observed the CCTV crime-monitoring operations from the metro police's operating centre and saw a number of criminals being arrested while committing crimes or running away from the scene. Many incidents, especially muggings, took place outside taxi ranks.

The operators who sit in front of the CCTV monitors and who are trained to spot suspicious-looking people, radio field marshals with directions to where a crime is likely being committed.

In one incident in Hillbrow, a group of eight pretended to be construction workers and stole copper cables from a manhole.

They put cones around the manhole and cordoned it off with red tape. One went underground with a saw to cut the cable. Police arrested them during the process.

The country's other big metro councils all employ CCTV cameras as crime-busting devices. They all say that the equipment has helped reduce crime.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couple in trouble for having sex in the street

Overtaken by passion: Catherine Hughes and Kevin Naylor
Image: Mirror
 A police control room employee has been arrested on suspicion of downloading steamy CCTV footage of a young couple having sex in the street onto his mobile phone.
Kevin Naylor, 25, and girlfriend Catherine Hughes, 19, were caught in the act just metres from their home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, after they returned home from the pub.
The couple were caught having sex in Shrewsbury town centre
The romp was captured by CCTV operators in the town centre, who alerted officers and the red-faced couple were arrested.
But yesterday it emerged one operator did more than simply view the x-rated footage.
West Mercia Police confirmed a man in his 40s was arrested over allegations the video clip was shared inappropriately.
A police source revealed the member of staff was suspected of downloading the footage onto his mobile phone.
He was suspended from his post after an investigation by professional standards officers into a possible breach of the Data Protection Act.
Rachel Anstee, spokeswoman for West Mercia Police, said: "A man in his 40s was arrested on August 8 in relation to a data protection offence.
"He is currently on police bail."
Kevin and Catherine were spotted having a late-night bonk by CCTV operators at 1.15am on June 12.
John Barnett, prosecuting, told the court at the time: "Police were called to say a man and a woman were having sex in public in an area monitored by CCTV in the middle of Shrewsbury town centre.
"Mr Naylor was arrested 100 metres from his home. He gave no thought that others would see his actions."
The court heard the couple had been out drinking in Shrewsbury town centre to watch England's opening Euro 2012 game against France, which ended in a 1-1 draw.
During the evening the couple had spent £120 on booze - including beer, shots and spirits.
Defending Naylor, Stephen Scully said: "This is a fairly unusual one to put before the court.
"He is extremely embarrassed by the situation and that embarrassment will continue.
"They were young and foolish and got caught in the act."
Naylor, who was charged with drunk and disorderly behaviour, was given a nine month conditional discharge at Shrewsbury Magistrates Court on June 28 this year.
Hughes had been charged with the same offence but the court was told she had been let off with a caution.

Two pharmacists charged with Cynthia’s killers

Image: Eniola Akinkuotu
A Yaba Chief Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, was filled to capacity on Monday as the police arraigned four suspects for the murder of Cynthia Osokogu, daughter of Maj-Gen Frank Osukogu (retd.), on July 22, 2012.

The accused – Okwumo Nwabufo (33), Ezike Olisaeloka (23), Orji Osita (32) and Maduakor Chukwunonso (25) – were charged with eight offences.

Nwabufo and Olisaeloka are students while Osita and Chukwunonso are pharmacists.

Some of the charges levelled against the accused were murder, rape, robbery, administering an obnoxious substance to the deceased without her consent.

The charge sheet read in part, “That you (accused persons) and others at large, between 9pm on July 21, 2012 and 12pm of July 22, 2012 at Room C1, Cosmilla Hotel, Lakeview Estate, Amuwo Odofin, FESTAC, Lagos, in the Magisterial District, conspired among yourselves to commit felony to wit; murder and thereby committed an offence punishable under Section 231 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2011.

“That you (accused persons) and others at large, on the said date, unlawfully killed Cynthia Osokogu by administering her with an obnoxious substance known as Rohpynol Flunitrazepam tablets via a Ribena fruit drink, binding her hands with chain, padlock and taping her legs, neck and mouth, giving her fist blows and several human bites, tortured and strangled her to death, thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 221 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

“That you (accused persons) and others at large on same date and place did unlawfully have sexual intercourse with one Cynthia Osokogu without her consent and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 258(1) of the criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.”

The accused persons were also charged with robbing the deceased of her BlackBerry phone, passport, driving licence, shoes, hand bag, artificial sex toy vibrator, three wristwatches, four rings, three pairs of earrings and other properties.

Mr. Chukwu Agwu, the police prosecutor, prayed the court to remand the accused persons in prison custody.

The Magistrate, Mr Olalekan Aka-Bashorun, said the accused persons should be remanded in prison custody pending the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The case was adjourned till October 3, 2012.

A mini-drama however unfolded outside the court room as journalists and members of the public scrambled to take pictures of the accused persons.

The lawyer of the pharmacists, who refused to identify himself, tried to prevent  The Punch from taking pictures.

“The pharmacists are not killers. Their charges were only mixed up with those of the other two suspects (Nwabufo and Olisaeloka),” he said.

Meanwhile, the Osokogu family has said Cynthia would be buried on September 7, 2012 at Bebe, Ovia Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State. 

Mrs. Joy Osokogu, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Jos, Plateau State that her daughter was “very industrious, hardworking and a respectful child.”

She advised youths to be very cautious of making friends with people that they do not know.

She said, “Youths should be very careful, especially when they are making friends on the social media. Like we have seen in the case of my daughter, such friends may have ulterior motives’’

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cynthia’s killers arraigned on rape and murder charge

The suspects in court. Inset: Cynthia.
Image: Cyriacus Izueke
Four suspects were this morning arraigned before Magistrate Aka Bashorun of Yaba Magistrate’s court in connection with the murder of the daughter of a general, Cynthia Osokogu.

The suspects are Okwumo Echezona Nwabufor, 33, Ezike Ilechukwu Olisaeloka, 23, Orji Osita, 32, and Maduakor Chukwunonso, 25.

They were slammed with  an eight-count charge of murder, armed robbery, administering the late Cynthia with obnoxious substance known as Rohyenol via Ribena fruit drink, among  others.

According to the charge, the suspects also had unlawful sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.

Their plea was not taken. The court ordered that they should be remanded in prison custody and their file duplicated for DPP’s advice.

The matter was adjourned till 3 October, 2012.

Cynthia Osokogu, the only daughter of retired Major Frank Osokogu, was a post graduate student and boutique owner based in Nassarawa State.

She met the undergraduates, who later murdered her, through social networking site Facebook.

The principal suspects, Ezike Ilechukwu Olisaeloka, 23, and Okwumo Echezona Nwabufor, 33, confessed to the police that they lured her to Lagos from her base in Nassarawa State under the pretext that they are also into clothing business.

After receiving her at the Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos, they took her to a hotel in Festac Town.

Eloka said they later put Rohyenol tablet in her Ribena drink  and slept with her for about 12 hours.

After discovering that  Cynthia did not have a lot of money on her as they earlier presumed, they raped her for 12 hours and later strangled her.

Following the arrest and subsequent parade of  Olisaeloka and his cousin, Nwabufor, over the murder of Cynthia, three more ladies came forward, saying they were once victims of the alleged murderers.

The three women reportedly went to Festac Police Command to write a statement about how they were drugged, raped and robbed by the suspects now facing trial.

-PM News

Immigration arrests Chinese sex workers in Lagos

Arrested in Lagos: Chinese sex workers. Image: Punch
The National Headquarters of Nigerian Immigration Service is investigating 11 Chinese sex workers arrested at Ikeja area of Lagos.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspects, who were arrested by the NIS Lagos Command, were transferred to Abuja on Wednesday after a directive from the office of the Controller-General that the suspects should be investigated by the head office of the NIS.

The spokesman for the service, Mr. Akin Olumba, who confirmed this to our correspondent on the telephone on Sunday, said other members of the syndicate who are in hiding would be fished out.
“The man and woman, who run the syndicate, are still out there. We will ensure they are arrested,” Olumba said.

Asked about the ages of the arrested suspects, Olumba said he could not divulge the information for now because of the ongoing investigation.

PUNCH Metro learnt that aside the 11 sex workers, two men, who were also Chinese nationals, were arrested when the NIS operatives raided their residence at Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, where the alleged sex workers were housed.
They were said to have been arrested following a tip-off.

Our correspondent learnt that the couple, whom the immigration confirmed are in hiding, run the cartel in conjunction with some Nigerians.

A resident of the area, who witnessed the operation in which the Chinese nationals were arrested, told our correspondent that people in the area had been suspicious of what was going on in the residence.

The man, who identified himself simply as James, said, “There have been different rumours about the Chinese people we see in the building.

“Some people said they were high-class sex workers patronised by politicians and expatriates while some said they were just factory workers.

“Nobody actually knew what they do. I wasn’t surprised when the place was raided and they were arrested.”

The sex workers were said to charge between $1,000 and $2,500 from their affluent  patrons.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nigerian sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Malaysia

A Nigerian is counting down to the day of his execution after a Malaysian court today sentenced him  to death for trafficking more than 14 kilos (31 pounds) of marijuana over the land border with Thailand.

The court said there was little doubt Moses Chinedu Nwosu, 50, was guilty of the crime — punishable with death by hanging — after the drugs were seized from him on the night of March 25 last year, Bernama news agency said.

 The accused testified the drugs carried in a black bag belonged to another man he was travelling with from the Thai border to the northern Malaysian town of Alor Setar, Bernama said citing the judgment.

 “However, according to a witness, Moses was seen carrying the black bag… and its key was found in his pocket,” the judge said.

 An Australian nurse and Nigerian man were also charged with trafficking drugs last month, a case which has attracted media attention worldwide.

 Since 1960, more than 440 people have been executed in Malaysia, including two Australians sentenced to death in 1986 for heroin trafficking — the first Westerners to be executed under tough anti-drug laws.

It remains to be seen if Nigerian authorities will rise to the aid of the Nigerian, following the stern warning the senate president, David Mark gave sometime ago that any Nigerian caught infringing the laws of another country would be left to face the music.

As harsh as that may sound, I am with him. If you knew the penalty and still dared them, calmly bear the brunt.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Snapshot of New Lagos Trafffic Law


Violation of routes by commercial vehicles
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Non-display of route and routes number on vehicle
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Disobeying traffic control personnel
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00, Impound vehicle
Parking on yellow line on any public highway/illegal
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Parking on yellow line on any public highway/illegal
parking (trailer)
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Vehicle crossing double yellow line/centre line
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Staying within the yellow  junction box(offside rule)
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Violation of  Zebra crossing
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Smoking while driving
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Riding motor-cycle without crash helmet for rider.
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Imprisonment for a term of six
(6) months, or both fine and
Riding a motor-cycle without
rider’s permit
Impound motor cycle
Riding a motor-cycle:
i. Against traffic
ii. On the kerb, median or road set backs
 1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Impound motor-cycle
 Conveying more than one
passenger at any given time
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
000.00, Imprisonment for a term of six
(6) months, or both fine and imprisonment
Installation of musical gadget
on a motor-cycle
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00, Impound the set
Alt18eration of manufacturer’s specification on motorcycle
(e.g. Handle bar/leg)
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30, 000.00
Motorcyclist resisting arrest
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Operating motor-cycle without side mirrors, trafficators, brake light or rear lights
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Motor-cycle operator
i. Pregnant woman
ii. Adult with baby
iii. Child below the age
of twelve (12) years
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Imprisonment for a term of
three (3) years, or both fine and
Under aged person(under 18yrs old) riding a motorcycle
2 1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Dislodge rider
Motorcycle operating using
horn designed for motor
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Remove horn
Operating a Motor-cycle in a restricted area or on
prohibited route
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30, 000.00
Impound motor-cycle
Exceeding prescribed speed limit
#100, 000.00 Imprisonment for a term of one
(1) year, or both fine and
Tailgating an emergency vehicle
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Failure of slow moving
vehicle to keep to the right
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Assault on a traffic officer(physical)
3 Imprisonment for a term of three (3) years, or both fine and imprisonment
One-way traffic violation, Driving in a direction prohibited by the road traffic law/ Neglect of traffic directions
Forfeiture of vehicle to the State
1st offender- one (1) year
Imprisonment and forfeiture of
the vehicle to the State.
2nd and Subsequent offender three
(3) years Imprisonment and forfeiture of the vehicle to the State and shall their data and biometric captured.
Illegal U-turns
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
000.00, Driver Training
Wrongful overtaking of other
#100, 000.00
Driving on the walkway or
#50, 000.00
Parking on the walkway or
#20, 000.00
Parking or stopping to pick passengers by a commercial
vehicle on the highway
#20, 000.00,  Driver Training
Bullion van driving in a direction prohibited by the
Road Traffic law
Forfeiture of vehicle Imprisonment for a term of three (3) years, or both fine and imprisonment
Abandoned vehicle on
#50, 000.00; cost of towing
Imprisonment for a term of six (6) months, or both fine and  imprisonment
Causing obstruction on highway if broken down
#50, 000.00; Cost of Towing
Commuter or Conductor hanging on tailboard of
moving vehicle
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Dislodge and Sanction Driver
Driving vehicles with doors left open
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Making or receiving phone calls when driving with out
hands free
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Counting money, or otherwise engaged in other
activities when driving
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Driving without a strapped seat belt for both driver and
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Strap on seat belt
Failure to display reflective warning sign at point of
break down
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Motorist resisting arrest
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Use of BRT Lite corridor
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Imprisonment for a term of
three (3) years, or both fine and
Wilful Obstruction on highway
2 #50, 000.00; cost of Towing
Imprisonment for a term of one
(1) year, or both fine and
46 Storage charge for impounded cars, jeep and
mini-buses per day
Storage charge for impounded motorcycles and
3wheelers per day
Storage charge for all other impounded vehicles(6wheelers and above per day)
#2, 000.00
Towing an impounded car, jeep and mini buses Towing other commercial vehicles excluding trailers mini-buses)
#10, 000.00
Towing a Trailer or Tanker(empty), luxurious buses
#50, 000.00
Towing a trailer or tanker(loaded)
#100, 000.00
Towing tippers and lorries(loaded)
#50, 000.00
Towing an overnight breakdown(trailer)
#100, 000.00
Towing tricycles
#2, 000.00
Towing Motorcycles
58 Hire of Heavy duty recovery equipment (Towing
/Recovery fees)
At hirer’s cost
Failure to pay Penalty within prescribed time
Double the initial penalty
In addition to the penalty prescribed above, the Authority may direct the driver/rider to attend the Lagos State
Drivers’ Institute for training and reorientation.
Driving without valid driver’s License
Impound Vehicle Payment for
Removal and
Storage and
evidence of
payment for
the licence
Driving of any vehicle by person under 18 years,
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
Impound Vehicle Payment for
Removal and
Learner Driver Without Permit,
1st offender-#20, 000.00.  Subsequent offender-#30, 000.00
Impound Vehicle Payment for
Removal and Storage and evidence of payment for permit
Learner Driver on Highway
Learner driver and unaccompanied by licensed driver
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Dislodge Driver
Driving an unlicensed vehicle
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,
000.00, Imprisonment of
3 years, Or both fine and imprisonment
Driving with a fake number plate
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30, 000.00
Imprisonment of not more than
6 months. Or both fine and
Driving a vehicle with
unauthorised or defective
number plate
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Imprisonment of not more than
6months, Or both fine and
Driving with a forged
driver’s licence
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-#30,000.00
Imprisonment of not more than 6months Or both fine and
Driving without a valid
MOT test certificate
Impound vehicle Payment for
Removal and Storage and evidence of payment for the certificate
Driving without a valid
roadworthiness certificate
Impound Vehicle Payment for
Removal and Storage and evidence of payment for the certificate
Riding motorcycle
without approved crash
helmet for rider and
1st offender-#20, 000.00
Subsequent offender-30,000.00
Imprisonment of not more than
6months Or both fine and
Driving Trailers, (excepting petrol tankers and long vehicles used in conveying passengers) in Lagos between the hours of 6.00am - 9.00pm.
Impoundment of vehicle and a fine of N50,000 or a term of imprisonment for 6 months or both.