Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nigerian behind Kim Kardashian’s fake tweet unmasked

Kim Kardashian

Many so called citizen journalists who helped spread the fake Kim Kardashian's tweet will be ashamed to learn that a mischievous young man orchestrated it all.

I’m not about to make him more popular than he is because, apparently, that is his only goal. So, I won’t publish his Twitter handle. I might send it to you via email if you ask.

A few Nigerians have traced the original tweet to him and his Twitter timeline is full of invectives from angry Nigerians who had initially fallen for the hoax.

It is also clear he is not repentant, as his TL is full of tweets savouring the global success of his latest hoax and boasts about what he will do when he gets his ‘black belt in Photoshop’. 

There are also loads of congratulatory tweets from pals, a few of whom are apparently awed by the global success of the hoax.

Seriously, we should be afraid. From getting global acclaim for advance fee frauds, Nigeria is moving to a stage where our youths are getting  sheer kicks out of deception and getting global recognition for faking celebrity twitter handles.

We are growing a young and vibrant column of 419 junkies, people who receive immense gratification akin to orgasm from successfully deceiving or fooling others. To them it is all harmless fun, but really it's far more; only if they knew.

Nigerians need to learn to interrogate their news sources. And to all the gullible bloggers, Twitter and Facebook journalists out there, learn to conduct basic investigations before rushing to your laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

Since the first 419ner got his mugu or maga decades ago, the world has ceased to exist in pure black and white. Develop a critical mind. Ask questions and accept nothing unless you have tried to ascertain its veracity.

God help us.


Some of his tweets:



Lmaooooo RT @TheBlackHer***t: LMAOO RT @Tidij*: Lmao omg please. Gullible is not even the adjective to describe you guys anymore.


I hear it has gotten to BBM lol. I love you guys



Once I get my black belt at photoshop you niggas won't be able to tell what's real and what's not


One of his awed pals tweeted:

@*huckic**** bad-fucking-ass. My twitter idol!


Another tweeted:

gracias “@Sas**_Ij: RT @*anmust***: Man you a legend. RESPECT @*huckic****




Anonymous said...

Check your mail, man. Just forwarded my email. Would like to know the idiot.

Anonymous said...

he is very horrible. He has just added more to Nigeria's problems...and the people that believed that bs have no idea on what an international celebrity can and cannot say. Poor Kim. Silly shameless Nigerian guy!!! *angry*, *disappointed*,*ashamed*


Please send the dude's twitter handle to:

John Awe Online said...

Hi Tope and anonymous. It's done. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Me too pls. I have sent u my email

John Awe Online said...