Friday, April 11, 2014

This is how compassion is dying in the world

This is how come compassion is dying in our midst.

Everyone who still believes in showing compassion should spare a moment to pray for this gentleman:

He headed an interview panel. One applicant in the course of the interview broke down in tears, narrating how he was an orphan with children to feed but no job for a long time. How life has been utterly unbearable, unfair and not worth living, etc.

Panel nonetheless went ahead to assess all applicants on merit. The crying applicant came third.
Head of panel was however so moved by his plight that he felt he deserved the job more than the others.

The snag however is, he only had one vote. He had to convince other panel members. They refused, but told him if he felt so strongly about it, he should write a motivation to the board stating why he felt the person who came third should be given the job. He wrote a strong motivation and the crying candidate got the job. That was about a year ago.

A few months into assumption of duties, it became apparent that the crying candidate was a poor fit for the job. He was lazy and completely irresponsible. After several warnings, his manager, who fought for him to come in, recommended that his appointment should not be confirmed after the one year probationary period which expires in a few days. Now, all hell is let loose.

The crying candidate has turned a tiger, and has shown his manager hell on earth. The poor man has gone from one crisis to another. The crying candidate has instigated hostilities and written petitions against his manager.

Thankfully, the manager has survived them all so far, but really fears for his life now, as at least one attempt has been made on his life.

This is exactly how come compassion is dying in our world. But, then, should we really stop showing compassion?

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