Monday, October 08, 2012

Conversation with a Facebook fraudster

If a friend of yours on Facebook is asking you to send him phone credit urgently, activate your anti-fraud mode instantly, because chances are that he is a clone of your friend.

I’ve just concluded the conversation below with a fraudster who apparently has hijacked the account of an old time friend.

He has tried since Friday, October 5 to hold a conversation with me, but I’d been too busy.

Today, he tried again and made his request for a N2000 credit because he was in a meeting and he needed the airtime urgently. Snag was, the Ibe that I know (surname withheld) is a proud man, and would not request for a recharge card from anyone even if his life depended on it. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerated, but you get the picture.

Secondly, he was supposed to be in a high profile meeting, yet he was on Facebook for hours.

I offered to share him some of my credit, knowing that for that to happen, he would have to send me his number. He saw through that and declined. He instead requested me to send it through Facebook! He soon realised he was not going to 'hammer' and went offline.

Our youths want to be rich by all means and anyone or anything, is fair game. If they are not masquerading as a lady who needs love, they are hijacking the identity of others to dupe people. It’s the tragedy of a highly commercialised society, where people are not respected unless they have money, regardless of whether the money was ripped off a fellow man/woman.

This growing tribe of young swindlers are increasingly destroying trust and making the world a cruel place for the trusting and the dull.

May God help us.

 The conversation via Facebook chat

Ibe on Oct 5: Hello how are you \

 (No answer from me. Too busy to notice it.)


Ibe @ 12:21: Hello. How are you doing ?

Me@ 12:22: I dey kampe. You nko, bros?

Ibe · 12:22: fine where are you right now ?

(Some time lapses, while I attended to other things)

Ibe · 14:03: hello

Me · 14:10: Bros, no vex jare. Juggling some work here. I'm doing PR now.

Ibe · 14:11: i want you to do me a favour right now ?

Me · 14:15: What?

Ibe · 14:17: I'm in a meeting right now and i want to make some important calls but i don't have much card on my phone i want you to help me with call card

can you help me out ?

Me · 14:25: Ok. But to get out to buy it may not be immediately possible, as I'm doing something right now, as I told you. Can I share you some small credit from my credit right now via share and sell?

Ibe · 14:26: airtel 2000 send it here

(Some time lapses)

Ibe: are you there ?


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