Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why you should never consent to being filmed having sex

Iris Kaingu, daughter of MP, former minister and deputy head of
the opposition, Michael Kaingu
What is it with young girls and nudity these days? If they are not snapping themselves in the nude, they are agreeing to filming their intimacy with their boyfriends.

The line is usually that it is not meant for public consumption. But then, what is meant for private consumption sometimes gets to be consumed publicly, and then, the consequences are always grave.

Nathan Silenga, filmed her romp with Iris and stored it on his laptop
The 20-year-old daughter of a top Zambian politician who became internet sensation last year when a sex video involving her and her boyfriend went viral has been found guilty of making obscene materials and fined $2,000.

I wonder though what sentence was handed to the male counterpart.

Iris Kaingu -- daughter of MP, former minister and deputy head of the opposition Michael Kaingu – was expelled from college where she was studying accountancy when the scandal broke last year.

In addition now, she has become a convict.

"I therefore impose a fine of 10 million kwacha on the convict," magistrate Prince Mwiinga said handing down the sentence.

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