Monday, December 16, 2013

We need a decisive leader

A leader who makes things happen is one, who after dipping a morsel of eba inside a bowl of rich egusi soup automatically knows where he should put it without first consulting a committee.- Isaac Newton

Good morning all.

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John Awe Online said...

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Biodun Oyeleye That quote was not from was from Baba Eleran in the days of ICC Ibadan! Good afternoon this morning

11 December at 10:22 · Like..

John Awe Lol! Good evening this morning, Baba Beeee! E ku ojo three

11 December at 10:33 · Like..

Albert Oladapo Ogunwusi Tori Olorun, John Awe! This is so awesome.

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Sola Fanawopo This must be from Baba Kamoru, the palm wine tapper. Good one bro

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Oby Ekwealor Ojo lol oh! which Isaac Newton bros. Good day

11 December at 12:36 via mobile · Like..

Segun Oruame No way. It is actually Isaac Newton quoting Hegel.... Lol.... Baba John..... Chai

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Albert Oladapo Ogunwusi I put it to you John Awe, on your Ijesa honour, that it was a morsel of pounded yam, not eba that was involved.

11 December at 12:47 · Like..

Adesoye Adebiyi I like this brief, straight to the point analogy. Nigeria is really blessed with both human and natural resources, if not for our so called leaders that are too greedy, corrupt, selfish, visionless and wicked.

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John Awe Oby Ekwealor Ojo Our wife na so e talk am o! Lol

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John Awe Albert Oladapo Ogunwusi Egbon, this one is the Isaac Newton of egba extraction. Lol

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