Tuesday, December 11, 2012

iPhone snaps thieves and sends pictures to owner in Lagos

Thumb up for a great mobile application and thumb down for an old thief.

A man’s iPhone was stolen from his pocket at a church wedding at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Agege last Saturday.

According to the victim’s account, he has an app installed that does not allow you put the phone off from the screen unless you know the password. Inputting the wrong password prompts the phone to snap you and send the pictures to the email of the owner.

According to the victim who used the online ID Olsmade, pictures started arriving in his mail within 20 minutes of losing the phone. And below are the pictures of the people now in possession of the missing iPhone,  in their order of appearance.
They have found new fame in cyberspace. Check them out. You may find your daddy there....Lol!



Anonymous said...

Serious? Whats the name of this app?

Anonymous said...

Lolll @the thief