Monday, July 22, 2013

Journalists roast in the sun to report new baby

Journalists in front of St. Mary's, London

It an unfair world! These journos have been camping in front of St. Mary’s Hospital, London, awaiting the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first baby, since July 1.

The instruction from their bosses is simple: Don't miss anything relating to this baby under any condition. And so in the rain and sun, these professionals must be here until the baby is born.

But quite frankly, I think these oyinbos overdo things. Shouldn’t there be some teeny-weeny bit of privacy left for the parents-to-be? We know the mother-to-be has been admitted, and is in the first stages of labour. We know they opted for natural birth. We know the ward the mother-to-be is in, the names of her doctors etc?

Shouldn’t there be a limit to the standard of transparency the royal family should be held to? Can this happen in Africa?  Certainly not. Probably we wouldn’t even know the hospital until the baby is born, lest the association of ‘winch’ send delegates to go and join the crowd camping in front of the hospital!

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