Friday, January 10, 2014

Punishment for keepers of a monster

Ikechukwu Friday, Virgin murder suspect. Image: Vanguard
It's interesting how people think nothing of keeping a monster so long as they know that the monster constitutes no direct danger to them, but others.
This chap, Ikechukwu Friday, is on record to have molested numerous minors in the last two years, according to his mother.
He has been arrested by the Badagry police at least four different times in connection with molestation of minors. These were only the reported cases.
Every time, the parents got lawyers to speak grammar, exploit the constitution and free him to roam the streets.

Now, he has killed an innocent 12 year-old girl and plunged her family into everlasting sorrow. The blood of that gruesomely murdered girl will not only be on this depraved young man, but everyone who has helped him to return to the street every single time the law caught up with him. That include his father and mother, who by their own confessions, knew their son constituted a danger to others and yet fought tooth and nail to get him back into the street without making arrangements to book him into a psychiatric hospital; and the lawyers, especially the one who secured his release the last time after the court remanded him in prison.

Blessed are the lawyers who wisely choose the cases they take on, for they shall not accept blood money and be cursed for life!

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