Monday, March 24, 2014

Between being romantic and being responsible

As we drove out of our estate around 5:12am today, we noticed a middle-aged couple standing in the drizzle by the entrance gate, waiting for transport. We decided to offer them a lift.

When we pulled up in front of them, only the wife climbed into the car. It turned out that the wife was the only one in need of transport. The husband had walked his wife to the bus stop and waited dutifully beside her in the rain to ensure she safely boarded a vehicle. She was heading for her office in Ikoyi.

I was impressed. It is a safe neighbourhood, and there hasn’t been a single case of mugging in the entire vicinity since we have been there. Besides, the entrance gate was guarded by armed guards, which further reduced the possibility of anything untoward happening to the woman. But the gentleman, apparently didn’t want to take any chances, still.

Some minutes into the trip, the woman's phone rang and from the conversation, we could make out that it was the husband inquiring that she was safe. 

It was not difficult to see that if that gentleman could afford it,  he would buy a car for his wife and employ a chauffeur to take her around.

This is proof of a conviction I have, and which I always share with people around me. It is not only when you have tons of money that you can show love and care to your spouse. If you are responsible, it shines forth in the things you do.

And to those women who love to clobber Nigerian men for not being romantic, you are measuring with the wrong yardstick.

Sure enough, many Nigerian men may be totally confused as to what to correctly present to a woman out of a bunch of roses and a bunch of  asparagus, but they know how to care for their wives.

And if you are yet to choose a man, don't let the flower-giving antic full you. Check for less obvious signs of responsibility.They are buried below the surface.

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