Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A month after, Chibok villagers are still sitting ducks

To the people of Chibok, government is practically non-existent. 

No tarred road. No security. No light. People flocked to the stall of a commercial phone-charger at the market to charge their phones.

A CNN team found security checkpoints all over Maiduguri, the state capital. However for the 45 minutes’ drive from Damboa to Chibok, there was none, according to Nima Elbagir-led CNN.

‘It was a very scary moment. And at the same time I kept thinking, "how is it possible that there is no single security check point towards this village? Not even one?", she wrote.

Chibok villagers are sitting ducks for another attack if they wait for government.

At night, while the women sleep, the men take cutlasses, bows, arrows and dane guns and patrol the streets.

Should anything bad happen again (God forbid), govt officials and their wives will be all over the TV shedding crocodile tears. 

There is God o!

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