Thursday, July 19, 2012

53 year-old Madonna bares boob at concert

Madonna and her toyboy who is also her top dancer
 Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Won’t this woman let up? She has teased men relentlessly for about three decades, and now at 53, she still thinks she’s got it.

At her ongoing world tour, she has left many mouths agape. While performing Human Nature in Istanbul, Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country, Madonna shocked her audience and got the boys screaming for minutes when she popped out her right breast. And, well, it still looks firm for a 53 year-old. But that’s beside the point. Should she still be doing this at that age?
Madonna bares her back at the Hyde Park concert on Tuesday.
At her show in London on Tuesday, she swore like a sailor, romped raunchily with her half-naked male dancers and grabbed her crotch and that of her toyboy, Brahim Zaibat, every now and then.

Should she still be doing this at seven years shy of 60? Madonna has four children ranging from five to 15,  and has been through two husbands. She is currently with a lover, 28 years her junior (that lucky b*****), with whom, she’s enjoying her stupendous wealth. She has an estimated fortune of £400 million. That is over a 100 billion naira! She does not need to work again, ever. What is this woman still looking for?

Her next stops are Birmingham tonight and Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium on Saturday. The tour is expected to generate a whopping £500 million in revenue.

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