Thursday, September 13, 2012

Finally, here is TALLER and THINNER iPhone 5

Bye bye 4S, hello 5: Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, shows off the iPhone 5 for the first time.Image: Daily Mail 

Apple has finally unveiled the massively anticipated iPhone 5.

CEO Tim Cook taking the stage in San Francisco, said ‘Apple has never been stronger’ as the new handset was revealed.

It has a larger 4" screen, along with a new dock connector and headphone design.

The phone will go on sale on September 21st, and will cost the same as the previous version, the 4S.

With a casing made from glass and aluminium, is it also the thinnest iPhone ever made, at just 7.6mm thick

It also contains an eight-megapixel camera which can take 28-megapixel panoramic shots.

Apple confirmed the phone, available in black and white, has a four-inch display, - 1136x640 - which is the same width as previous models but taller.


Daily Mail reports that Apple has also redesigned the iconic white headphones shipped with its products.

‘We’ve shipped over 600 million sets of headphones,’ said Greg Joswiak of Apple.

‘We’ve spent three years in designing an entirely new headphones - EarPods’.‘

'We 3D scanned hundreds of ears, and looked for a commonality,’ said Sir Jonathan Ive.

‘The shape of the EarPod is defined by the shape of the ear.’

It uses a new display which is 30 per cent thinner than previous handsets.

Schiller, vice president of marketing, said: 'It is designed to fit in the hand, and all of our software is being updated to take advantage of this display.'

The handset also has a new chip, the Apple A6, which is twice as fast as previous versions but 22% smaller.

The iPhone is expected to be the biggest selling in Apple’s history, with an estimated 8m set to be sold according to some estimates.

The battle for domination of the mobile market has become increasingly heated recently with Apple's competitors taking it on with a series of new products.

The firm boasted the new handset has eight hours of 3G talk time, and a 225 hour standby time.

It also has an eight megapixel camera with a 3264x2448 sensor, and has improved its performance in low light, and a lens made from sapphire crystal.

The handset also now has a panorama mode to create wide shots. ‘The ocean looks bluer, kids look happier,’ joked Schiller.

Apple also revealed a redesign of its iTunes music store.

'Apple loves creating music products, it is embedded in our DNA,' said Tim Cook.

'Today we are announcing some exciting changes to iPod and iTunes.'

'The iTunes store is the number one in the world,' said Eddy Cue of Apple.

'More than 2/3rd of our downloads come from iOS devices, so we have spent a year redesigning the store from them.'

Schiller also confirmed the handset has a controversial new connector.

‘The iPhone from its start used the 30 pin connector, and it has served us well. A lot has changed and it is time for the connector to evolve - and out new connector is called Lightning.’

But here is the bad news... the new iPhone5 includes new docking connector which makes thousands of Apple accessories obsolete (unless you buy new adapter)

Apple also showed off a connector allowing people to use their existing chargers and accessories.

The handset will use iOS 6, and dumps Google’s maps for Apple’s own.

‘We’ve built in free turn by turn directions,’ said Scott Forstall of Apple as he demonstrated the new Apple Maps app.

‘We use a cinematic camera angle to fly you around corners.'


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