Thursday, November 29, 2012

Battered like a thief in the name of sport!

Andre Barto before and after the fight of his life!

Why boxing is still a sport I would never know. Neither would I ever know why otherwise decent people get all excited at the sight of another being pummelled, bloodied and occasionally killed.

Boxing should be declared a blood sport, and sent the way of bull-fighting; into oblivion.

Look at the handsome man on the left and compare to his picture right after a boxing bout. His name is Andre Berto, a former welterweight champ.

He was savaged for 12 rounds of his fight with Robert Guerrero in Ontario, California a couple of days ago.

Guerrero won a unanimous decision, 116-110, and is now 31-1-1 with 18 knockouts. Berto is 28-2.

For all the beating he received, he might as well have made an attempt to snatch a gold necklace at Balogun market!

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