Thursday, November 01, 2012

Man sentenced for raping son's fiancee

A 62-year-old man has been convicted by the Virginia Magistrate's Court of raping his son's fiancée. 

Christoffel Johannes Ras was sentenced to 10 year's imprisonment for raping the fiancée of his son.

Ras visited his son's fiancée, a 27-year old at her apartment in Virginia.

"After they had some beers, he then forced her to the bedroom and raped her," Pakela said.

His son reported the attack to the police after he heard his fiancée talking about it in her sleep.

Ras had been previously convicted of a crime and sentenced to two year's imprisonment in 2009. The sentence was suspended for three years.

According to The citizen, State provincial commissioner Lt-Gen Khehla Sitole commended the investigating officer, Capt Jacques Rademeyer, for his efforts.

"We also appreciate the good sentencing by our court which will send a message to criminals and would-be criminals their crimes will land them in prison for a long time," Sitole said in the statement.

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