Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mosquitoes which die of their own volition!

This is for the scientists and the science-inclined in the house. Each evening when I get back home from the office, I find dozens of mosquitoes dead on the floor in my bathroom and bedroom.

I started taking note about four days ago. I hadn't sprayed the room with insecticide for over a week.

When you sweep them off, you can be certain you are going to find more dead on the floor, in the tub, in the toilet, in the wash hand basin, in fact, everywhere, by the following day when you return.

To the best of my knowledge the window net is not insecticide-treated. I spray insecticide roughly once a week for mosquitoes and cockroaches. The instructions on the insecticide can do not say that it works for a whole week.

In my experience using the same insecticide, its effectiveness is for a few hours, and is limited to the mosquitoes already inside the room, not those outside, or those that will be seeking entry days later.

One thing though, when I apply the insecticide, I spray on the windows for any mosquitoes trapped between the window and the net. I air the rooms afterwards.

Why are these mosquitoes dying voluntarily? Make no mistake. I’m happy they are dying in their dozens without me lifting a finger. But why is that?

I know the problems of Nigeria are enormous, but why are they choosing my bathroom and bedroom to die?

Is it possible that the net retains some of the insecticide, which continues to work for days? And if this is so, why did it not work like that in our previous residence?

Or is it simply my MFM-style prayer of ‘all my enemies fall down and die’ that is finally working literally?

Anyone with any insight?


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Serious lol!. It's your MFM-style prayer now. Why are you asking again?

Anonymous said...

I encounter dead mosquitoes in my room once in a while. But certainly not dozens every day! Interestingly, Nigeria is not a place you can check your home for toxic levels.

Anonymous said...

Funny piece. I think mosquitoes die more at one time of the year,perhaps due to the weather, but I'm no scientists. Just personal observation.

Anonymous said...

Guy, go check what iz wrong with ur blood. Its either ur blood is contaminated with laxative dat makes them purge or av HIV dat affect mosquito. Lol! Anyway, congratulatn cos ur God is fighting ur battle.

Anonymous said...

am from chennai, India . Am staying in a hostel room. Everyday am forced to sweep my room since i find 100s of mosquitoes lying dead in my room. Can anyone tell me the reason for this. No insecticide sprayed since 3 weeks.