Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Amaechi on education

I came by a resident of Rivers State on Facebook today who swore that Governor Rotimi Amaechi has outperformed most other governors in the area of education.
He posted a picture of one of the model primary schools the governor is building across the state, and I thought it was unbelievable.

I’ve done a quick search on Google and what it turned up is quite interesting. The New Model Primary schools the governor is building compare very well with any other in any part of the world. They are complete with recreational facilities, some even have internet facilities, and at least one was furnished with  split unit ACs.

Private schools will begin to look and feel inadequate in Rivers State at this rate.  

The governor aims at building 700 and had accomplished 500 as of April when Vanguard reported it. This  is really amazing in a Nigerian environment. I also learnt primary education is free in the state, with provision of books and uniforms.

What this shows is that people with good ideas and ability to transform them to reality can indeed be found in any party. Education is a pivotal sector and the poor have for long received the short end of the stick in this regard in many states of the federation in the years of the locusts supervised by PDP.

These model primary schools afford the children of the masses in Rivers State access to infrastructure that has been the exclusive preserve of the rich. The teachers working in these schools must feel proud turning up at work every day.

Kudos to Amaechi on this one.

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