Thursday, November 14, 2013

Whose convoy killed two in Lagos?

Gov. Fashola, Lagos
Another convoy wasted the lives of two citizens in Lagos yesterday, according to the Punch. Eye witness reports indicated that it was a government convoy returning from visiting a patient in a private hospital.

One of the escort police vehicles was said to bear an Ogun State number plate. But the governments of Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State and Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos State have said no high profile official visited that location at that time.

In my personal experience, Governor Fashola’s convoy does not drive menacingly and does not even use a siren. You only know it’s him from the state insignia. It would be really out of character for him to be involved in a thing like this.

I was once at an event where he was being awaited and his convoy came in without us noticing. At that same event, rain started pouring and he sprinted inside the rain to commission the project he was there for. Other dignitaries who were initially reluctant to enter the rain sprinted after him and were all wet like the rest of us.

This picture of him is incongruous  with a menacing convoy that killed two people and didn’t bother to wait.

Of course, people change.  But what is needed is a thorough investigation. The question is who will do the investigation.

The news reporters can help by visiting the hospital the convoy was returning from before the accident. If they make discreet investigations there, they can establish who the govt official was.

In the meantime, we await a serious-minded president who will outlaw the use of sirens by government officials nationwide forever and enforce it.

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