Thursday, November 14, 2013

Are you invited for a job you didn't apply for?

I received the text below from a ‘company’ announcing that I had been shortlisted for a job interview in Ibadan. I should be happy, right? Trouble is, I didn’t send any application to the company.

It was easy for me to realize it’s a scam because roughly three weeks ago I received a text from a number on a Friday evening inviting me to an interview in this same location the very next day at 10am. But I found two things queer: the timing of the text, and the fact that the text did not disclose the company doing the interview.

The short notice was a scheme. I was meant to call the number and explore the possibility of changing the appointment to enable me to travel from Lagos to Ibadan. The officer at the other end would then ask for credit to make some calls. And when I sent it, maga for don pay. I just deleted the text.

They probably thought sending a text from a number did not impress me and decided to send it in the name of a company, a second time.

Guys, this is the new device of the callous crooks who prey on the helpless. They lure gullible job seekers with offers of gainful employment. Once the bait is bitten, they ask for money for registration, or deposit for medical tests, etc. When they have collected enough funds, they disappear into thin air.

Nemesis of con-artists is awareness. Once people know the trick, it fails to produce results. Inform those around you seeking employment.

------ SMS ------
Sent: Nov 13, 2013 7:46 PM
Subject: You are Shortlisted for...

You are Shortlisted for Oral/Written Interview by 10am,Thur 14/11/12 @our Branch Office: Lamlat Building beside Stanbic IBTC Bank, Old Ife Rd, New Gbagi,Ib.BATCH C


Anonymous said...

Its high time the Nigerian job seekers match to that place and deal with those useless pple dat usually send dat sms, i was a victim 2 months ago. Stupid pple.

sammy uma said...

thatz a nice one there