Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Danfo driver goes nude to evade arrest

The driver stripping off his clothes. Credit: Punch

When you exasperatedly shout ‘were’ (madman) to a reckless danfo driver in Lagos, more often than not, you are stating a fact, not necessarily insulting him. Many of them deserve an appointment with experienced psychiatrists.

The Punch reports this morning an interesting incident that demonstrates this. A  LASTMA team apprehended a commercial bus driver at Palm Groove for picking passengers on the road.

To evade arrest, he rips off all his clothes including boxers, putting the officers in a dilemma as to what to do next. Unsure of how to deal with the man, they decided to take pictures of his vehicle and number plate and let him go.

The same driver, described as an old man had earlier tried a trick that was not successful. Upon arrest, he had brought a bowl from inside his bus that contained a substance with an awful smell. The LASTMA officers, policemen and commuters in the vicinity reportedly took to their heels to avoid the stench.

But one of the officials came back and stood his ground, wielding a baton and insisting that the man must follow them. The driver then resorted to the nude prank, which paid off, at least for now.

Can you see the mental state of some of the people ferrying commuters to and fro in Lagos? Apparently, commuters had been sitting in that bus with that fetid bowl hidden in a corner of the bus.

This man and many danfo drivers are not fit to be on the road. This is why you must commit your ways to God before living your home every morning.


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