Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Policeman who killed man in front of his family says ‘Sorry, I did it’

Corporal Gabriel Credit: OnlineNews

This must be the first time this is happening in Nigeria. The police corporal, Corporal Gabriel, who shot a man in front of his daughter last Saturday, has admitted to The Guardian that he did it. 

The victim was reportedly taking his wife and daughter home when he saw policemen around the car of his friend on their street. He alighted in front of his house and walked to the police even though his wife protested. Next thing was that he was shot twice.

In reaction, some police image maker had told the press that the policeman was attacked by hoodlums who wanted to take his gun. How does that sit with the statement of the man in the centre of it all now.

Interestingly too, the police corporal is not labelling the unfortunate man a robber.
He said: “I actually killed Azeez Omotosho, aka Panel. It was the Devil’s work; Please, forgive me. I was not myself. I WAS DRUNK when I perpetrated the act.

For being truthful, does he deserve leniency? And what should happen to the leader of his team who knew he was drunk and allowed him to wield a gun?


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