Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Arik shocks Aviation minister

Arik gave Aviation Minister, Osita Chidoka, their famous bitter pill on March 9. Unaware he was on the flight, they rescheduled it at the 11th hour and messed up his appointments in Lagos.

What I find commendable in it all is the discipline to refrain from throwing his weight around to have his way like they all do.

One of the problems we have in Nigeria is that govt officials create a little heaven for themselves out of the hell that the rest of us have to endure. So the impetus to change things is not really there.

In rowdy departure halls with malfunctioning central ACs, they sit in cosy VIP lounges with split unit ACs. When others waste hours standing by an 'ogbanje' conveyor belt, they have their aides pick up their luggage directly from the aircraft.

When people sit in hellish traffic, their armed escorts blast a passage for them, flogging and pushing motorists off the road. When millions languish in poverty, they create bubbles of stupendous wealth around themselves and their families.

So, really, why would they want a change?

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