Monday, August 06, 2012

Athlete disqualified for sleeping with his wife

Kim Collins in happier times, celebrating winning the Men's 100m Final at the World Championships in Paris in 2003

The Holy Bible admonishes that there is time for everything: the time to sow and the time to reap. Former world champion Kim Collins has learnt that 'sowing' at the wrong time can cost you a chance to win a medal at the Olympics.

According to Daily Mail Collins was dropped from his country's team for spending the night with his wife at a London hotel.

Bitter Collins announced to his Twitter followers that he would not run in the 100 metres event. St. Kitts and Nevis team spokesman Lester Hanley later said that Collins would not run in his heat after breaking team discipline rules by leaving the athletes village.

In response to his punishment for seeing his love, he then tweeted angrily: 'Even men in prison get their wives to visit.'
The row has understandably angered the runner, who then seemed to suggest he was retiring from international competition: 'For those who saw me run in Mexico. That's the last time I represent my country.'
Speaking on a radio programme later, Collins was still bitterly angry: 'I would have had better luck if I'd gone off with some chick and came back in time. They're asking me to abandon my wife for my team, it's not going to happen. This is how it ends; on a really sad note.'
'I didn’t come to watch 100m final on TV. I've got to go home. I can't walk around London as a tourist.'

British Olympian and javelin star Steve Backley responded to the news on his own Twitter feed by saying: 'Kim Collins sent home by St Kitts for visiting his wife and kids at a hotel outside of Olympic village. That seems a tad harsh!'
36-year-old Collins won a world title in 2003, and was due to appear in his fifth Olympics.
The sprinter carried his country’s flag at the opening ceremony.

It's sad and disappointing that this happened. Many looked forward to his performance. Perhaps the punishment could have been milder. But seriously, if he knew the rule and broke it, he saw it coming.

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