Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Who wants okada back?

The gimmicks of Jimi. Riding okada to a rally was somebody’s big idea in 2015? I think this gimmick is coming late in the day. Many of those who opposed okada ban on major highways in those days have had adequate time to compare the chaos of yore and with the relative order of today. Most won’t want a throw back! Certainly not me.

The roads still retaining okadas are Lagos' most unappealing. Has anybody been to Mile 2 by Fatgbems/NNPC filling stations of late? I was there on Saturday. It is a living nightmare. Apparently, the police aren’t enforcing the ban around there. As a pedestrian, you cannot find a safe place to cross the Expressway. Every inch of the road is taken up by okada riders soliciting passengers. Motorists have to be extra careful to navigate without knocking over a cyclist. Then, I recall the madness of okadas taking one-way on the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in those mad days. SMH.

That menace is exactly what someone who wants to win an election shouldn’t be associating with. 

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