Thursday, August 02, 2012

More roads that lead to jail in Lagos

Defaced one-way  traffic sign at Palm Avenue area of Mushin
Public spirited readers desirous of being their brother’s keepers have bombarded me with more information on more of the roads that lead to jail in Lagos. Most of the updates were sent by email for inclusion in the original post, while a couple posted direct comments.

A reader reminded me of Palm Avenue area of Mushin and sent a picture of what is supposed to be a sign warning motorists it’s a one-way street (see picture above). Be watchful when driving in that area unless, of course, you want to keep an appointment with Clifford Orji in Kirikiri in the days ahead.

Other areas include Club Road, Ikoyi, that hosts NNPC Mega Filling Station. A reader recalls that NNPC took over the petrol station at the Club Road/Kingsway Road junction a few years ago. Now you can only access the road from First Avenue. Access from Kingsway is forbidden.

In Victoria Island, Law school to Ynot Road is one-way traffic street. A reader recalled it was once two-way, but was later restricted to one-way following an upsurge of vehicles attracted by the big companies on the road such as Twin Towers. LASTMA guys reportedly routinely apprehend motorists there.

A resident of Omole reported that there is a street that becomes one-way from 2pm every day. ‘If you enter your first turn to the right from Berger, it  is a two-way traffic, but if you come from Oremeta junction further down is one way as from 2pm every day.”

A reader reported that the road parallel to Ikeja-Along when you face Ile Zik direction is two way until you approach the railway crossing. There you are not expected to go forward to link the railway crossing, but to turn right and then left to join the traffic coming from Ikeja GRA. There are no signs at all. He reported having been caught there by LASTMA recently. He had to part with some money. But if you make the same mistake today, you may be cooling your heels in Ikoyi Prison.
If there are more, let's have them. You'll be helping to decongest the prisons! Lol.

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