Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Swimming champion admits peeing in Olympic pool

Ryan Lochte

It’s official. Professional swimmers sometimes convert the swimming pool to one gigantic urinal.
Digital Journal reported that America's swimming sensation, Ryan Lochte candidly admitted to urinating in the Olympic pool while warming up for his impressive swimming feats.
Lochte was on Ryan Seacrest's radio show when he was asked the question and he admitted that he does indeed pee in the pool. Lochte, who will depart London with two gold medals, two silver medals, and a bronze medal, said he did it many times during the Olympics and that it is a common practice for athletes to pee in the pool while warming up.
 “Of course. I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go. [I didn't] during the races, but I sure did in warm-up,” he said.
Oh dear! What can one say? I’m seeing swimming in different light from now on. At this rate, it’s actually possible for swimmers to have urine intoxification after staying too long in the pool, especially for professional swimmers who do a lot of practice to get better.  Perhaps we should start advocating the introduction of ‘pee-dometers’ in future Olympic pools.

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