Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nigerian sentenced to death for drug trafficking in Malaysia

A Nigerian is counting down to the day of his execution after a Malaysian court today sentenced him  to death for trafficking more than 14 kilos (31 pounds) of marijuana over the land border with Thailand.

The court said there was little doubt Moses Chinedu Nwosu, 50, was guilty of the crime — punishable with death by hanging — after the drugs were seized from him on the night of March 25 last year, Bernama news agency said.

 The accused testified the drugs carried in a black bag belonged to another man he was travelling with from the Thai border to the northern Malaysian town of Alor Setar, Bernama said citing the judgment.

 “However, according to a witness, Moses was seen carrying the black bag… and its key was found in his pocket,” the judge said.

 An Australian nurse and Nigerian man were also charged with trafficking drugs last month, a case which has attracted media attention worldwide.

 Since 1960, more than 440 people have been executed in Malaysia, including two Australians sentenced to death in 1986 for heroin trafficking — the first Westerners to be executed under tough anti-drug laws.

It remains to be seen if Nigerian authorities will rise to the aid of the Nigerian, following the stern warning the senate president, David Mark gave sometime ago that any Nigerian caught infringing the laws of another country would be left to face the music.

As harsh as that may sound, I am with him. If you knew the penalty and still dared them, calmly bear the brunt.

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