Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I’m not a murderer- Pharmacist who sold drugs to Cynthia’s killers

Facing murder rap: Chukwunonso Maduakor.


A support base is building for a pharmacy student, Chukwunonso Maduakor, who was arraigned with the killers of Cynthia Osokogu. His schoolmates at Igbinedion University and others who know him are attesting to it that he knew nothing of the plot to kill Cynthia.

It would seem that the only connection to the crime was that he sold the drug that the killers used on the hapless victim, Cynthia. From the account purportedly rendered by Nonso, it would also seem that the police through a sting operation tested the claim of the suspected killers of Cynthia that they bought the drug they used from Oxfam in FESTAC, without any doctor’s prescription.

The account purportedly obtained from Nonso in police custody by one of his friends who did not use his proper name goes thus: "I just started my pharmacy internship at 'Oxpharm', a pharmacy in Festac about two months ago. Last week Monday (20/08/12), I was doing my job when a middle aged man walked into the pharmacy and made complaints of persistent generalized body pains and difficulty with sleeping as a result of an accident he had some weeks back. The individual then specifically requested for the drug Rohypnol® (Flunitrazepam). I then asked for the Doctors prescription. The individual said he had none but begged that he really needs the drug to help his condition because all others did not give him relief. I still refused but after much begging and after profiling the individual as one who was not at risk to addiction to the drug, I sold the individual 1 satchet of drug and counselled him to see a doctor. After which I recorded the purchase of the drug in the Pharmacy's register.

“About 3-5 minutes after the individual left the pharmacy, hefty men numbering up to five in mufti who did not identify themselves stormed into the pharmacy and pounced on me (Nonso), rough-handled me and took me to Festac police station.".....Nonso.


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