Saturday, August 11, 2012

Obama's brother is a drunk in a slum

George Hussein Obama in front of his shack. Below: Left, George. Right, Barack.
Credit: DailyMail

Drunk bum in the slum. No, it's not a rap rhyme. This is reality. The story is out about Barack Obama’s younger half brother, and it is a tale of two worlds apart, indeed.

One is the most powerful man in the world and the president of the United States of America. The other is a bum, living in a one-room shack in a slum that fellow slum dwellers call horrible.

The man’s name is George Hussein Obama. He is gaining some prominence for agreeing to appear in a documentary that is critical of his brother, the President of the United States of America.

The two men were sired by the same father. While Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to his father’s American second wife, George was born in Kenya to Obama Senior’s fourth wife.

Today, Barack Obama lives in the White House, flies aboard Air Force One and is a friend of film stars and royalty. On the other hand, George, 30, is to be found slumped in his corrugated iron shack which even fellow slum-dwellers regard as a hovel.

Daily Mail reports that the Details of his unorthodox lifestyle emerged with news that he has agreed to appear in a documentary film being made by one of Barack Obama’s most trenchant critics.

Called 2016, and directed by the production team behind Schindler’s List, the film sets out the supposed horrors of another four years of Obama in office — though George does not criticise the President on screen. It is the idea of U.S. author Dinesh D’Souza, whose book The Roots Of Obama’s Rage paints a deeply unflattering portrait of the ‘narcissistic’ President.

Despite the fact that he did not directly criticise his brother in the documentary, many Kenyans and indeed black men would despise George for agreeing to be part of the project which amounts to tarring the image of the country’s, nay, the black race’s most illustrious living son.

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