Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oral sex bandit arrested in the US

Many are the afflictions of the Americans! Lol.

This chap is in the news for the weirdest of crimes. He takes the trouble of breaking into people’s homes at night. And he does not steal a thing. He is only interested in licking the package of the man of the house.

Dajuan reportedly broke into the homes of men he saw at clubs and parties and performed oral sex on them as they slept, according to police in Pennsylvania.
Dajuan Porter, 27, a professional DJ who is quite popular in his area, has allegedly done this for at least a year before nemesis caught up with him.

Harrisburg police said that Dajuan Porter, 27, stalked three men and sexually assaulted them in their homes, according to WHP-TV.

The first case was reported in May, 2011, by a man who claimed a man fitting Porter's description climbed up through his fire escape, broke in and began performing oral sex on him, according to WHP-TV.

In April, 2012, a man told police he went to Porter's home after a gathering and fell asleep only to wake with the suspect performing a sex act on him, the Patriot News reported.

Another incident was reported in July. The alleged victim attended a party and fell asleep after drinking. He claims that he woke up as the suspect performed a sex act on him.

It's interesting to note that Porter was charged with sexual assault and not rape in this case. Generally, someone convicted of rape in Pennsylvania faces a prison sentence twice as long as for sexual assault. However, to be charged with rape, a suspect typically has to engage in force or threat of force in the sexual act.

Because Dajuan Porter allegedly gave oral sex to sleeping guys, he may have avoided the more serious rape charges by avoiding the use of force.

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