Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sleepy woman puts married fellow passenger in trouble (Video)

The wife of a man featured in a hit YouTube video in which a sleeping stranger snuggles up to him on the tube, hit the roof because she thought he was having an affair.
 Rakesh Nair, from Croydon, was travelling on London Underground's Jubilee line late at night when the dozing woman leaned over and began cuddling his arm.
 The video, which was filmed by a fellow passenger, quickly became an online sensation and has been viewed by over 500,000 people after it was uploaded to YouTube.
But when wife Latha viewed it she thought Rakesh was having an affair and demanded an explanation.
Rakesh, head chef at an Indian Restaurant in Westminster,  was forced to reassure her that he had never met the woman before in his life and that it was her snuggling up to him and not vice versa.
He told the Croydon Advertiser: 'I got into trouble with my wife who thought it must be something quite serious.
'She didn't think it was funny to begin with. She thought it was a work colleague or someone I knew and started accusing me of these things.
'I said 'I didn't know the woman'. She was convinced, eventually, and saw the funny side. All is well.
'Most people getting home at that time have been working and are obviously very tired, they don't quite know what's happening.'
The video appears to show the woman, named on YouTube as Paula Jovel, unable to open her eyes any longer, she dozes off in her seat and sways slightly.
 In the video the carriage jerks and she sits up, looks at the man next to her for a couple of seconds then flings her arms around the man.
She then opens her eyes, looks at the camera and laughs when she 'realises' she's been caught on film.

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