Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rihanna gets kicked out of a nightclub for disorderly conduct


It is difficult to imagine that a club can be making so much money that it can afford to throw out an international mega star for not complying with their rules. Well, there is.

The Rose Club in London, reputed for being the hang out of A-listers such as Cheryl Cole / Tulisa / Nicola Roberts etc showed Rihanna the door after becoming a little too wild for them.

Rihanna who took her friends to the hotspot for a nice time, reportedly got excited at a point and jump on to the table, accidentally spilling champagne all over the floor. The Rose Club’s bouncers then firmly stepped in to escort the bad girl out.

According to Mirror, Rihanna then headed to another party at a friend’s house, before returning to her hotel at 6:20am. The singer, who has been busy in the UK promoting her River Island fashion line, has also been busy taking style inspiration from Little Mix, and eating overpriced edamame beans.

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