Monday, September 24, 2012

How not to fight Boko Haram

A Boko Haram accountant was arrested and immediately the media is reporting where the lead emanated from.

We have been told that it was a transfer in a bank that aroused suspicion etc, etc. The Boko Haram guys who probably might not have known how their accountant was traced and arrested in a public transport now know exactly how it happened and how they can be more cautious to evade arrest.

The JTF and other security operatives need to create firewall around their sensitive information. There are too many operatives who talk too much, perhaps in a bid to convince the public that they are working.

The other day a commissioner of police was seen in a press photo story publicly presenting monetary reward to a citizen who gave useful information to the police that led to the arrest of some Boko Haram suspects! Where in the whole wide world is that ever done? 

Definitely the cover of that fellow is blown for life, and he can no longer be useful to the operatives as every other criminal will give him a wide berth. And more importantly, his family is at the peril of vindictive criminals.

The media have a role as well, and perhaps a crash course should be organised by the terrorism specialists. We can’t seriously fight terrorism where sensitive information leaks like water in a basket.

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