Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheating cabbies

Why do Spanish cabbies love to touch the metre ever so often? When you enter, they adjust, when you reach your destination they adjust, regardless of how much you shout at them.

It is always very obvious that the spirit of cheating is at play, but there is very little you can do. They smilingly Speak Spanish to you ostensibly to assure you that it is nothing irregular. And if you call in a police man, he does not speak a word of English. You do not speak a word of Spanish. It’s a scene from Tarzan, the ape man!
It’s only a few Euros, anyway. So you let them go.

I suspect very strongly that one at least deliberately drove me past my destination and did a merry go round before coming back to it, all in a bid to increase the metre reading by a few more Euros. I challenged him and he launched into Spanish, apparently explaining why we drove past the hotel. Till this moment I have no idea what he was blabbing about.
Upon it all he was all smiles, saying ‘Gracias’, repeatedly.

Cheats abound in all countries. Especially in the cabbie industry. One thing with these Spanish cabbies though is that they are courteous. At least so far.

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