Thursday, February 18, 2010

Asians bombard Mobile World Congress

The Asians are everywhere at the Mobile World Congress. The conferences, exhibition grounds, restaurants, everywhere. They are not just present, you can see their footprints on some of the wonderful products and services on display.

Not only are they pushing their own products, they are also holding strategic positions in key ICT companies across the world. One of the presenters of Windows Phone Series 7 today was Asian. Asian companies like Huawei, HTC, NTT Docomo etc had some of the biggest stalls at the exhibition.

Asians even have a number of restaurants at Fira de Barcelona, the event venue. In the absence of an African restaurant, Asian restaurants were the natural choices of many compatriots, who at least know what to expect, having been introduced to Asian cuisine back at home.

Interestingly, Americans, as other nationals were seen flocking into the restaurants. The Asians are winning on every front. They sure are positioning themselves to rule the world.

When will Africa join the train?

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