Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Queue you must here

queue at MWC, Barcelona
Participants queuing to buy snacks

For nearly everything, from registration to visiting the toilet, you have to queue for a few minutes for your turn.

The registration queue on Day One was probably a kilometre long. But it moved very fast. It lived to its name, FastTrack. This was possible because everyone registered had been issued a letter containing their specific bar code. When anyone presented his letter, the officials just scanned it and the machine would print the delegate's badge. For those who forgot their letters at home, the badge collection point was different.

To buy food was another small headache. You have to queue. For those who opt for the open air restaurants, they have to queue in the cold, and sometimes rain.

There are numerous toilets on the event grounds. But when you have over 67,000 visiting an event, you should expect a crowd at the conveniences. At Hall One particularly, the queues are unbelievable. Most of the time, if you are doing Number One, you only wait a few seconds. But if you are doing Number Two, you join a queue of at least seven others. How embarrassing, that!

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