Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rebranding MMIA

It’s been a while since I used the services of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport. It was in 2007 when my brand new wife and I went off to Ghana to ascertain the veracity of the claims that Ghana had moved well ahead of Nigeria. Okay, okay, I’ll cut out the political talk. We went on honey moon. That’s what you want to hear. And by the way, it was super. Ghana rocks.

Anyway, I’ve visited the MMIA many times since 2007, to see off or welcome people. Never really had to spend more than 30 minutes on any of those occasions.
Now, I am here; have been in the past 2 hours trying to catch a flight to Spain. This place has really gone to seed. The departure hall is so hot! How difficult can it be to fix an AC and ensure it stays fixed? I’m told by a fellow passenger that it works in fits and starts, like the airport’s conveyor belts.

“That’s the problem with Central ACs”, says my fellow passenger. Oh it is a central AC! Big deal. Others use central ACs too and they work. Is this fellow a government official?

How can we be talking about rebranding when we can’t even make our foremost International airport comfortable and presentable? So bloody annoying.

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