Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clean up after yourself, please

There is something to be admired in the manners of Spaniards at QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants). No matter how highly placed a Spaniard is, when he eats at a QSR, he takes the pain to dump the litters in the dust bin before leaving. Their equivalent of Nigeria’s area boys are not left out. Even some funny characters with perforated body parts and scary hairdos take their trays to the dust bin to empty before going out.

At the restaurants within the Mobile World Congress complex, when you are done with your food, you take the tray to the dust bin, empty it and return it to the tray stack. Nobody is enforcing it or anything. In some cases, there are attendants waiting for you to finish so they can pack away the litters. But most of the time, the only job left is to dust the tables and chairs. The customers have taken away the litters by themselves.

Thank God I noticed this the first time I ate in at a QSR. I blended, straight.

How I wish we could take this lesson in humility and cleanliness in Nigeria.

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