Monday, February 15, 2010

Just say the word!

You can send a full email by speaking to your phone! That is the future of mobile phone.

You need to quickly do a mail to your friend but don’t want to lift a finger? No problem. Just put your mobile phone in front of you, and start dictating. What you are dictating is appearing on the phone in front of you. When it is done, send off.
NTT Docomo is introducing this service. They call it Voice Input Mail. They are partnering with a couple of handset manufacturers to deliver this service. It’s on demo here at Mobile World Congress 2010.

Snag right now is that it is principally in Japanese. Work is ongoing on English version of this service. The software can handle only a few English words. The NTT Docomo official did a Demo for me: “Hello, Mr Campbell,” he said, and it popped right out on the phone screen (pictured above).

The future is bright.

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