Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wanted: Teachers of social graces

It's appalling how some people behave in public places in this country. I have been roaming about looking for free mains to plug my laptop into and continue my blogging and what not.

I find one at last inside a snacks stall. I approach the lady there to allow me plug into one of her spare sockets. (No pun intended). She nicely urges me on. I settle down to work. And this babe comes along, walks past me without as much as saying hi. And lo and behold, she goes ahead to plug her phone to my adaptor, in the process knocking current off my laptop.

“Well, Miss, do you mind? That is mine!”
“Oh, sorry,” she says. Not that she has any intention of leaving, though. She only now takes special care to be unselfish, and allow current to be restored to my own connection too!

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