Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tech failure

The automatic tea/coffee dispenser in our hotel swallowed fellow conferees’ two Euros this morning. It won’t release money. It won’t dispense tea. They insist on having either of the two. Worst part is that they are black. It doesn’t take much to accuse a black man of robbery in a white-dominated environment. I was becoming more and more apprehensive for them as they continued to scratch, kick and punch the machine.

Sanity finally prevailed as one of the aggrieved men decided to take the matter to hotel authorities. “Oh, sorry, the machine is bad”, the receptionist said.

So why didn’t they put a notice there to say so? Apparently they thought people who lodge in hotels are somewhat clairvoyant!

Oh, just as I was banging out the above on my blog,the hotel manager came along to take charge of the situation. He had apparrently not been informed. He disconnected it after all his efforts to rectify the fault failed. A notice was hung to warn users.

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