Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top 10 features of Samsung Galaxy S3

In my view, these are the killer features of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Monster screen- The screen is a whopping 4.8 inch (12.2cm). At that size, you are in gaming heaven! Plus you see picture and videos much better.

2. Best photo option- An 8MP camera with Best Photo' function allows you to pick the best of four shots the camera takes in one single click. With this feature you are four times more likely to have the best shot of that rare occasion where you can only click once.

3. Smart screen- The screen knows when you are awake! A second camera (1.9MP) on the front of the device plus face recognition technology enables the device to track your eye movements and therefore ensure that the phone never goes dim or goes into lock mode as long as you are looking at it. How cool is that!

4. Wireless transfer- S-Beam feature makes it possible to transfer files, documents, videos and other content from one Galaxy S3 to another. Works best if you and your spouse or best friend have this phone.

5. Wireless projection- Allshare allows you to play and see the content of your device on a television screen etc without using wire.

6. Voice command- S Voice let’s you give voice command to the device. You can ask your phone to play songs, adjust the volume, send text messages or emails, and take photographs.

7. Missed call notification. The phone vibrates when you pick it if you have missed some calls.

8. Optimised battery- You can go 24hours before needing a recharge. Well, that’s something considering the size of the screen. With many Smartphones with much smaller screens, you’d be lucky to go a full day.

9. Call clarity- Noticeably clearer call quality than most phones on the market.

10. Wireless charging- With an optional accessory of a docking unit, you don’t need wires to recharge your phone. Just dump it on the docking unit in your office or car.

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