Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colonel to pay N25,000 fine for BRT violation

The army officer caught with his hand inside the sweet jar (so to speak) by Gov. Fashola will not go scot free afterall.   

Colonel K.I Yusuf and Staff Sergeant Adeomi, who were accosted by Governor Babatunde Fashola for taking the designated Bus Rapid Transit lane on July 17, 2012, will pay the mandatory fine of N25, 000 for taking the BRT lane.

The General Officer Commanding, 81 Division, Maj. Gen. Kenneth Minimah, disclosed this to journalists. Minimah said at a press briefing that the Nigerian Army was not above the law.

 “They passed the BRT lane and it’s a traffic offence and they’ll pay the fine. The fact that he has apologised to the governor does not mean that he won’t face the law. He will pay the fine,” he said.

The GOC seized the opportunity to warn all army personnel to obey the laws of the state and avoid taking the BTR lane.

“The law was made for Lagosians and we are part of Lagos and the Nigerian Army and the military as a whole are law-abiding and enforcers of the laws, not outlaws. We’ll conform to the laws and obey the law and also aid civil authority in enforcing the laws and we’ll continue to help the state government in this regard.”

 Way to go, GOC!

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