Monday, July 30, 2012

Legislator mistakenly drops female panties on the floor of the House

Brazilian Parliament
A pair of panties has become the most popular female clothing item in Brazil at the moment.  No, not because it belongs to a celebrity, but because of where the item turned up.  The frilly, red and white pair of panties fell out of a Brazilian legislator's pocket onto the floor of Congress just as the legislators rushed to vote.

According to Brazilian newspaper O Globo, a group of federal deputies came running into Congress to vote on a bill related to cyber crimes. One of the legislators put his hands in his pockets near the main entrance of the plenary and, without realizing, let the incriminating evidence fall to the floor: a pair of panties, said to lean more toward the style of long johns.

When one of the security guards saw the panties, which were left in plain view of all politicians and journalists present, he tried to discretely remove them from everyone's line of vision, giving them a kick toward a garbage can. The security guard later informed Workers Party president Marco Maia's assistant of the development.

After being examined by security guards, assistants and journalists alike, two conclusions were drawn about the women's underwear. The first was that they had been used before the unfortunate discovery, and the second was that they certainly never belonged to a model. Upon the failure of anyone to lay claim to the panties, they were later incinerated.

 “I was in the coffee shop and two colleagues called me in to show me the panties,” said Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, a professional clown known as “Tiririca” who also has a seat in Congress.

 ”We have a suspicion as to who the owner is, but we're not going to turn him in,” said Tiririca.

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