Monday, July 09, 2012

This gentleman cried for help, but none came

Majority Leader of Plateau House of Assembly Hon. Gyang Fulani recently cried for assistance for his defenceless constituents who were being slaughtered by Fulani Herdsmen on a regular basis.

Many would have thought he was being melodramatic when he went as far as calling for protection from the international community through the United Nations during one of his submissions on the floor of the state assembly. Some would have thought that that call was a slight on our president as it more or less indicated that he had no trust in his assurance to rein in the violence, nor in the ability of constituted authorities to save his people.

Now, the gentleman is dead, killed by the self-same assailants that he had consistently cried to authorities to save his people from. He was killed together with a serving senator, representing Plateau North in Nigeria’s upper chamber, Dr Gyang Dantong and scores of other hapless Nigerians. About 100 people were reportedly killed by the herdsmen in two days of orgy of violence against defenceless people, including women, the aged and children. All these happening in a country with constituted authorities. Would it have been any worse in Thomas Hobbes’ state of nature?

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